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What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a relatively innovative concept in the marketing and advertising industry that has been gaining more and more supporters given its advantage compared to a simple translation service. It’s a process that combines translation and a more ingenious creation level, using both techniques to create a final result that is freer and more adapted to the target audience you are aiming at.

This message includes not only the written content, but also the visual content, which both have to be properly synchronised. This process requires a meticulous analysis of the final message and its adaptation to the target audience, both linguistically and culturally. It sees communication as a combination of words, images, aesthetics and symbolism, investing in creativity and in adapting the text to the target cultural context, without neglecting the message, the sense and the style of the original content.

Who is it meant for?

Transcreation is more relevant and applicable to marketing and advertising, allowing the transcreator to work on the content with more freedom so that the message is fully understood, but still without detaching itself from the standards of the source text, using the appropriate technical terms, language and style. For all these reasons, transcreation has become the more efficient strategy when translating content for advertising as it combines linguistic creativity and cultural consulting.

What type of content should be transcreated?

Copies for marketing purposes
Advertising campaigns
Advertising campaigns
Content for print, TV and digital media

Who are our transcreation specialists?


They are linguists with experience in translation for the marketing and/or advertising industry, who can write in the target language with a high level of precision, reliability and fine quality.


They are specialised in marketing, with a complete understanding of the different languages the client wishes to work with.


They are excellent writers in their native language and work for the markets they are more familiar with to ensure that they know all the details, preferences and characteristics of the audience the client is trying to reach.


They have linguistic and cultural skills that allow them to understand the goal and the message of the client’s content.


They have deep knowledge in the client’s industry so they can apply the marketing strategies that are the most adequate for the target audience in the final product.

Can transcreation be the solution for you?

Imagine this situation: you have an advertising campaign that you intend to launch internationally in several markets all over the world. Instead of launching a brand new campaign in each target market, rewriting the text and creating something totally from scratch for each one of them, you can choose to adapt your original text to an international context (International Copy Adaptation). In this case, you only create one international version of your campaign and transcreate this version for each target market.

This is why we recommend transcreation and not just a translation service because, despite being a bit more expensive, it is an investment that allows you to have a final result with the most appropriate commercial perspective for the message you want to convey in every market where you want to launch your product.

5 basic steps to ensure the best possible transcreation service for your project:


Briefing — Before we start working, we ask you to provide us with a briefing, a set of instructions that includes information about the project you have trusted us with, for example, an advertising campaign. This briefing must include all the relevant information about your campaign’s intention, such as your goals, the cultural context, the conditions of advert insertion and the predicted duration of your campaign, the target audience, the tone and style you prefer, an explanation about the visual culture of your advert and any limitations in terms of space and time for the transcreation process. This information helps us understand the nature of your campaign and clarify the goals we need to establish for the transcreation project. Provide us with the type of briefing you send to your marketing teams. The more complete your briefing is, the better quality the final result will be.


Work flow — Our transcreation projects always involve three different people: a transcreator, a marketing copywriter and a reviser, and all of them are expected to provide their own creative options for the transcreation in order to improve the final product. The Project Manager is in charge of contacting the clients when it is time to allocate a new project, prepare the best quote, build the teams for each task and supervise the final conceptual review, prior to the delivery to the client.


Native language — We work exclusively with transcreators that are native speakers of your preferred target language because we are fully aware that, no matter how well a linguist may know their second or third work languages, they will never be able to communicate with the same level of efficiency as they are in their mother tongue. Our transcreators live and breathe the language, the humour and the cultural specifications that are most relevant to the target language of your project. This way, we can avoid embarrassing mistakes that may happen when using human resources that have no native experience of the target language. A transcreator that knows the target market will also be familiar with the local regulations regarding advertising and media, as well as the applicable commercial codes.


Content specialists — How can a transcreator adapt multicultural content if they can’t understand it? Our transcreators are carefully selected for each project of your area of expertise and are always specialists in the type of content they work with.


Copywriting skills — A good transcreator is a great writer. To protect your brand, you may prefer to choose a transcreation services provider that only works with native professionals with experience in marketing content and with excellent writing skills. Therefore, you want to work with people who understand your global campaign and, at the same time, who can adapt your global message so it can speak directly to the heart of your local consumers.

For greater effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, you may want to complement your transcreation projects with our other solutions for copywriting, multilingual SEO, subtitling e voice-over.

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