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Versatility, speed and precision in managing your projects

Usefulness of project management

Managing projects can be quite tricky. It takes time and implies involving multiple resources, teams and departments. If you company needs to translate and localise your website, for example, you may have already chosen the people you need to execute the project, but you still need a dedicated Project Manager to run the whole localisation service, from beginning to end. If this is one of your problems, SMARTIDIOM has the solution.

Examples of the project management tasks we can provide:

1 – Analysing the source content you need to localise


The dedicated Project Manager will analyse the content to translate along with a member of the technological team of your company, aiming to determine the best way to prepare the files and organise the whole localisation process.


The dedicated Project Manager will identify any potential localisation issues that may have to be solved before the project starts.


The dedicated Project Manager will advise you of any queries raised by the localisation team that need to be assessed, regarding localisation challenges in the project.


The dedicated Project Manager detects any errors and inconsistencies in the source documents and, if there are any, they record these issues so they can be corrected in the documents without being copied over into the localised content.

2 – Starting the project


After the first analysis of the source content, the dedicated Project Manager provides a full quote detailing any project costs and presents a schedule.


If the project direction and specifications happen to be changed later on, usually at the client’s request, the dedicated Project Manager sends a new quote to include these changes.

 3 – Planning the project


The dedicated Project Manager plans your localisation project and tells you the best delivery deadline.


The dedicated Project Manager uses all the reference materials you provided and distributes them to the localisation team, including translation memories, glossaries, reference files, and so on.


The dedicated Project Manager assures that the whole team follows the materials that are distributed according to the client’s specifications.

4 – Localisation teams


The dedicated Project Manager chooses and manages all the localisation teams for the project and creates a list of possible queries that need to be presented to the client.


The dedicated Project Manager is the point of contact between the localisation team and the client.


The dedicated Project Manager manages and documents all the assessments regarding the linguists on the localisation team.

5 – Review and quality control


The dedicated Project Manager reviews the project from a linguistic point of view, with or without the client’s help, depending on their expectations.


The dedicated Project Manager assures that the localised content complies with the quality criteria the client established, as well as the target audience’s expectations.


The dedicated Project Manager picks up and corrects any errors or typos, making any changes that are required and ensures quality control, before delivering the final content to the client.

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