Localisation Testing

Advanced testing solutions to guarantee the best functionality of your product

What is Localisation Testing?

Before your product reaches the market and its users, it is important to guarantee that everything goes according to  plan. It is crucial at this stage that the whole testing process is carried out by experienced, industry-savvy linguists, in order to guarantee that nothing goes wrong. SMARTIDIOM’s team of translators and reviewers is ready to help your company test your products. Our expertise in localisation testing projects is not limited to linguistic quality control.

We carry out a thorough evaluation of the product and flag all errors and potential problems we find. We can also correct them directly, if you wish.

We make sure that your product or app:

Meets the technical and commercial requirements behind its design and development.
Works as expected.
Can be implemented as it is.
Is ready to be launched on the market.

4 reasons to test your product


Because mistakes can happen, it really is necessary to identify and correct the errors made during development.


Testing is a sure-fire way to guarantee a product’s reliability and your satisfaction.


Providing a high quality product means less maintenance costs for the client and more precise, consistent and reliable results.


It is preferable to test the software or app in order to confirm that it is flawless before launching it than to correct errors in a later phase, as these corrections can become quite costly.

We are experienced in providing quality control for PDF documents, websites, user guides, mobile apps, among many others. Start your project right away!

Do you need to test your application?

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