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New digital trends, new cross-border business opportunities

In the digital era, telecommunications are present more and more in everyone’s daily life. Between 1995 and 2014, families spent more and more on communication. New services are emerging quickly, which are being increasingly used by the average consumer. Competitiveness is the key word and all of the players in the sector who want to maintain their market relevance need to invest in innovative systems, in quick launches and in globally efficient operations.

In Portugal alone, most families – about 8.2 out of every 10 – acquired a service bundle that may include fixed broadband, pay-per-view TV channels, landlines and mobile services. At a time when technologies are an extension of human beings themselves, homes in Portugal have been transformed into locations of practically free Internet access. Mobiles have also become a basic device for accessing the digital universe: there are around 5.7 million users who access the Internet, an increase of 2.5% compared with the first quarter of 2016.

Experience in development and design, combined with the right resources and technology to bring your products to life

It is important to address this growth in numbers, use and knowledge. To do this, you can count on the experience of the SMARTIDIOM linguists and the specialisation of the services. From the translation of documents such as terms of service, license agreements or user manuals to adaptation to international requirements and regulations in effect, we provide you with a team that is sophisticated, specialised, and has the experience needed to ensure the precision and effectiveness of your contents.

In addition, our project managers and linguists are dedicated to learning every component of your project and exploring the latest industry trends to provide you with the best translation and localisation experience. Aware of the importance of innovation in the sector, SMARTIDIOM helps you project your product in the markets you want to reach, always recommending the best solutions, at the level of human and technical resources, and selecting the linguists and tools best suited to your project’s specifications.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Collective agreements

Product catalogues

Descriptions of products and services

Instruction manuals

Customer support services

Online assistance

Customer contracts

Corporate documents

Marketing materials

Marketing SMS or MMS

Market analyses

License agreements

Product information sheets

Technical publications and white papers

Websites, videos and applications


Services that allow you to focus on your core business while minimising the costs of managing and carrying out your project
Localisation solutions that adapt quickly and easily to your international distribution projects
Specialised technical resources that allow efficient localisation of the code, the user interface and the on-line help of your product
Some of our prestige customers include:
Telecommunications companies
Engineering companies
Computer companies
Mobile phone manufacturers
Specialists in mobile applications

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with SendIt in the area of Telecommunications.
Client: SendIt
Industry: Software, Hardware and Technology
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision, monolingual review
Languages: European Portuguese-British English
SMARTIDIOM was contacted by the SendIt’s Marketing Department to translate the company’s institutional website. SendIt was at an important moment in disseminating its brand and the important service it provided, “uSendit”, so it was crucial to provide the website in English, and get closer to the international audience.

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