Technologically advanced tools guarantee the best results for our clients

We work with the most advanced CAT tools.

We work with a variety of computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) so we can reuse content that has been previously translated and stored in translation memories (TM). We can deliver translations much faster while still assuring maximum quality, offering our clients more competitive prices. How do we do this? Here are our four key features:


CAT tools allow text to be translated in segments (sentences), and these segments are presented in a more convenient, organised way allowing the translator to work faster and with greater ease. Each segment is presented in a special box, and the translation is inserted directly in another box below or beside the original text.


The main feature of a CAT tool is to keep the translation units in a database called “translation memory” so that it can be reused in the same text or in future texts.The concordance search features are extremely important because they allow us to save time and effort so we can deliver translations that are 100% coherent and consistent.


The translation of each segment is saved together with the source text. We can return to a segment at any time or carry on with the document whenever we desire.Special features are available to help the user navigate through the text and enable them to find segments that need to be reviewed (quality control) more easily.


The CAT tool’s fourth feature includes the ability to search in terminology databases and the automated presentation and insertion of search results.

SMARTIDIOM works with the top CAT tools available on the market, namely SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast, MemoQ, Passolo and Idiom WorldServer.

We are always on the front line when it comes to automatic translation.

SMARTIDIOM offers Machine Translation solutions that provide low cost alternatives to the human translation process whenever you need to translate high word counts on a limited budget. Our automatic translation solutions, complemented by the valuable contribution of our human translators, could be an alternative in cases requiring the translation of technical specifications, FAQ, blog posts, user manuals, online help, chats and forums, emails, customer support documents and much more. If you are considering using automatic translation in your localisation project, get in touch with us today and we can advise you on the best strategy to meet your needs.

We have powerful QA tools.

Our QA (quality assurance) software is an integral part of our quality control and management system. Leading-edge software such as QA Checker, PQAC and ApSIC XBench ensures that we meet the highest quality standards, both for consistency of terminology and style.

Amongst other features, these three tools allow us to:


Detect non-translated segments;


Detect double spaces;


Detect repeated words;


Detect missing or wrongly used digits in the translated segment;


Detect segments where the source text is the same but the translation is different, and vice versa;


Detect missing or wrongly used fonts in the translated segment.

We use PLUNET.

This is SMARTIDIOM’s business platform where we manage all the projects you send us and what we get from our freelance service providers, our partners and suppliers. Plunet lets you check the status of your projects, know exactly at what stage the translation of a given document is at and access your invoices in a single portal, in a very intuitive and simple manner. You get unique access credentials, ensuring that only authorised persons can access your project.

The system includes:
A database of all human resources;
An application that enables project managers to follow all projects, from the initial quote request to delivery and invoicing;
A Web portal for our suppliers and external service providers that allows them access to the system.
Our staff is recruited through the SMARTPro platform.

Our staff is recruited through SMARTPro, SMARTIDIOM’s recruitment platform, where our partners and linguists register to be able to work with us. We are always searching for the best suited linguists.

We guarantee access to our FTP server for large-scale projects.

Our FTP is used to send and receive files and other data to and from our clients and suppliers, that should not be handled via email. If you need to transfer confidential content, contact your dedicated Project Manager to send you the access credentials and to advise you on how to proceed.


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