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In the technology universe, there are plenty of discussion topics that eventually transform daily life in society. One of the topics that has gained increasing prominence over the years is the concept of the “Internet of things” that will have a crucial impact for populations at the global level. When every device is able to establish a connection to the Internet, everything will be transformed. Beyond mobiles or other current portable devices, it is expected that washing machines or coffee machines will be connected to virtual reality – which is why technology companies are paying attention to these ever faster changes.

The technology industry, marked by constant change and the ability to improve all of the cities in the world, profoundly affects international markets. In Portugal, the number of patents awarded is indicative of the increasing technological innovations: while in the 1960s, no patents were granted, currently there are over 100 new inventions registered and attributed annually to universities, companies, research institutes and individual inventors. New, increasingly innovative devices are business opportunities for the companies of this industry.

Complete range of solutions that serve the development, launching and support of the product in the organisations of the technology sector

Given the specificity of the terminology used in the sector, we select linguists who are native speakers of the languages they work in and are specialised in the technological industry. Aware of the need to guarantee maximum quality of the projects entrusted to us, all our service providers are permanently tested and evaluated to ensure that they comply with industry standards.

Creating, maintaining and expanding the terminology databases for your brand are three essential steps for the multilingual project that you entrust to SMARTIDIOM, since our professionals and the tools they use are the basis for the services we offer. With the help of SMARTIDIOM, you will be able to optimise your contents not only in the source language, but also after they have undergone translation, localisation and implementation for the various target markets.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Antivirus applications

Hardware components

EULA and terms of service

User guides and manuals

Operating systems

CAD applications

Support documents

Games and entertainment

Online help services

E-learning software

Web and mobile applications

Technical documents

Multimedia localisation

Server management systems

Localisation testing


Wide range of multilingual solutions that allow you to reach the relevant consumers for your brand, wherever they are and in their native language
Efficient management of contents and work flows compatible with various platforms and multiple channels
Internal and external procedures to ensure quality
Some of our prestige customers include:
Computer consultants
Technical assistance companies
Management technology companies
Software and hardware manufacturers
Digital application manufacturers

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with one of the largest electronic equipment and software companies in the world.
Client: giant U.S. multinational in the area of software and hardware development
Industry: Software, Hardware and Technology
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision, monolingual review, transcription, transcreation
Languages: American English-European Portuguese
SMARTIDIOM saw its workload grow exponentially at the end of 2014, a fact that also allowed a considerable increase in its number of in-house employees. Due to this increase in internal, specialised human resources, SMARTIDIOM began to see a new challenge, thanks to the inevitable growth of the company: ensuring the consistency of terminology in the projects of one of its most important customers.

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