Audio/Video Transcription

Quick, accurate, confidential transcription

What industries do we work with?

SMARTIDIOM provides professional transcription services in a wide range of languages to clients in the medical, commercial, legal, scientific and financial industries. These services are performed by several native, qualified, experienced transcribers, who have solid expertise in your project’s area of specialisation.

What type of files are accepted?

Our transcription service can quickly and effectively transform the following file formats into text. This is a task that requires profound knowledge of specific vocabulary in order to ensure a job with quality and rigor. After transcription, it is also possible to request the translation of the text. Again, strict confidentiality as to the content, origin and applicability of the transcribed file is fully assured, as well as compliance with the stipulated deadline. We usually transcribe the following file formats:







What about delivery dates?

We believe in reliability, speed and Confidentiality. One of the strong points of our transcription services is our responsiveness even in urgent and large projects. At the time of delivery, you can receive your transcription in your email, in digital format (* .doc and * .pdf), or in physical format (paper), by simply stating that you want the final result to be printed and bound.

See the three-phase process that guarantees the highest quality:

1. Transcription

The files are divided into smaller parts, which are transcribed by our specialized native transcribers.

2. Proofreading

The reviewer reviews all the parts and inserts the speakers’ entrance and exit times.

3. Final QA

All the parts are inserted in a final file and the transcription is once more reviewed, in order to ensure the consistency and precision of the final result.

Our Transcription Solutions:

Legal Transcriptions

This service is particularly useful for lawyers and courts that, in the course of their professional activity, need to have access to the written record of hearings for trials and witness examinations.

Interview Transcriptions

Our interview transcription service ensures an accuracy rate of more than 98%, at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Medical Transcriptions

Our medical transcriptions are the right solution for clinics and hospitals that need to receive their reports as fast as possible and with the highest quality standard.

Conference Transcriptions

Imagine that you are a journalist who needs the written record of an international conference for further analysis. This is the right service for you!

Meeting Transcriptions

Combining transcription assistance tools and professional human transcribers, we are able to significantly reduce the delivery time over conventional transcription.

Speech Transcriptions

Have you ever imagined watching the speech of your favourite speaker with the certainty that you will later have access to all the content directly in your email? Now you can.

Try our audio/video transcription service now!

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