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A personalised internationalisation plan for an evolving sector

The industrial machinery sector is marked by the constant search for new ways to improve its production processes1. The development of technology, seen since the second half of the 20th Century, has allowed automation to no longer be a simple hypothesis discussed in international summits. In an ever more competitive market, in which all companies are required to reduce prices, to provide better quality products and to respond more quickly to new market trends, the manufacturers of industrial equipment dedicate a lot of attention to the excellence of their machines.

Equipment is a component of various sectors of other industries and thus aerospace, automotive or chemical and mechanical production are some of the areas included in this sector. When we analyse sales of construction equipment, according to the statistical data of Statista2, we can see all of this potential for growing business: five leading companies in Switzerland, Japan and the United States each surpassed 6 billion dollars in 2015. The leader, Caterpillar, made a profit of over 24 billion dollars, followed by Komatsu with 14 billion dollars.

Language and business solutions for user manuals, safety instructions and after-sales technical documents

To survive in a sector in constant renovation, the manufacturers of industrial equipment need to reach, at the global level, their target audiences and to ensure that their products reach other sectors, progressing to increase productivity and economic power. It is essential to provide complete, reliable documents in multiple languages, for a wide range of materials that include safety documents and worker training, operating and regulatory material, and marketing, among other contents.

SMARTIDIOM has the right resources to assure you a high quality, specialised multilingual service in the industrial sector, in order to take the products from your organisation to the markets you want to reach. Our carefully selected and tested suppliers are professionals with proven experience in the sector and they know the terminology approved by the industry. When they receive your project, the SMARTIDIOM project managers ensure an adequate distribution of the work flow and allocate the most suitable resources to the proper execution of your internalisation plan.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Technical bulletins

Documents for construction and metallurgy

Product registration forms

Training materials

Corporate policies and directives

Products and parts catalogues

Product specifications

Maintenance instructions

Marketing materials

Content management systems

Safety documents

Viability studies

Technical operator manuals


Websites, videos and applications


Experience and resources to meet all your multilingual requirements and make the most of the opportunities on the international markets
Tested linguists in a wide range of technical areas such as mechanical engineering, electronics and patents
Cutting-edge technology, including translation memories and terminology glossaries, that ensure precision and unequalled savings
Some of our prestige customers include:
Electronic components manufacturers
Companies that repair equipment
Robotic systems companies
Companies that sell equipment
Manufacturers of industrial equipment

Case Studies

 Learn about our successful partnership with Maruboshi CEE in the industrial machinery industry.
Client: Maruboshi CEE
Industry: Industrial Machinery
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision
Languages: English-Brazilian Portuguese
Since 2012, SMARTIDIOM has worked with Maruboshi CEE in several technical translation projects, namely for automotive software and industrial automation. At the end of 2013, the Maruboshi CEE team got in touch with SMARTIDIOM to translate a set of operating instructions for CNN machinery.

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