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The future of energy and environmental industries is uncertain and is subject to changes that are both quick and drastic. If there was an increase in electricity consumption in agriculture, industry and the real estate sector starting in 1994, changing the ecosystems of energy production to meet the needs of the populations, there has been a continued decrease in consumption since 2012. The drop has also been seen in the amount of gases emitted and responsible for global warming.

This reflects the ever greater awareness of the need to decrease consumption and increase “greener” solutions, a topic increasingly being discussed in international summits and conferences. With ever higher carbon (CO2) emissions, resulting from an incongruous management of energy resources, the great challenge for the companies of this sector is to build new environmental technology products. New devices and new equipment are created that need to reach the greatest number of people.

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Energy has an impact on the entire world, in different forms. Therefore, all information and content needs to be adapted to different audiences: consumers, producers, distributors or partners. Fully aware of the risks, challenges and opportunities associated with the organisations of this industry, SMARTIDIOM understands that the total dedication of our teams is essential to the success of your brand.

When they receive your project, the SMARTIDIOM project managers make every effort to learn your organisation’s products or services. Our linguists are native speakers of the target language of your documents, are specialised in the subject areas in which they work, and are carefully selected and tested to ensure the technical, linguistic and terminological precision of your materials.

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Some of our prestige customers include:
Renewable energy companies
Energy equipment manufacturers
Water treatment companies
Consultants in the environmental field
Companies that sell natural products

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd. in the Energy and Environment sector.
Client: Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd.
Industry: Energy and Environment
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision, monolingual review
Languages: American English-Amhari, American English-Swahili
Previously owned by the Panasonic Group, Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd. has been an affiliate of the Pasona Group since 2015. Its headquarters are in Japan and it was one of the great conquests of SMARTIDIOM in 2015 with regard to its portfolio of customers. It is a demanding customer and has very high quality standards. It trusts SMARTIDIOM for a wide range of projects in various languages from around the world and in such distinct areas as energy and the environment, technology, safety and health in the workplace, and catering, among others.

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