Corporate Responsibility

Key values that contribute to better working, social and environment conditions for our stakeholders

Our company’s values are present in everything we do. SMARTIDIOM’s basic structure is founded on a key pillar which governs all our activity: respect for ourselves and for others. This is the message that we are trying to get across to all those we have contact with.

At SMARTIDIOM, we believe that we do not need to be unfair to be successful. Our priority is to offer the best working conditions to our staff, contributing to a culture of “happiness at work”, based on the following corporate responsibility principles:
Transparency, honesty and equal opportunities
Respect for competition
Risk management
Adoption of the best practices
Open, transparent communication
Social solidarity
Health and welfare protection
Respect for the environment

In order to fully fulfil our mission, we are specially committed to focusing on the points below:

we strive to be a responsible business, namely by:

  • Creating a work space that promotes happiness at work, with fair, equitable, ambitious professional development policies;
  • Promoting professional development through training adapted to the profile of each staff member;
  • Stimulating dialogue between staff and management to achieve the company objectives.

they are a vital part of our organisation, we are committed to creating working conditions and challenging professional opportunities.

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our main objective is to promote social integration and cultural diversity. We strive to improve the quality of life of our clients, by eliminating cultural barriers as much as possible and promoting equitable and fair access to communication.

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even though our business does not have a significantly adverse impact on the environment, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact, by managing our resources more efficiently.

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