Case Studies

Real life stories to demonstrate the added value of our solutions for our clients

Our life is filled with success stories. Every day, SMARTIDIOM helps small and large companies from around the world to succeed in the complex world of business that characterises our times. We are keen on sharing them with you. Click on one of our success stories to learn more about one of our projects and discover the solutions that allowed us to achieve the results.

Case Study No. 1

Industry: Tourism and Lifestyle Trends
SMART Solution: transcreation, translation, subtitling
Languages: European Portuguese-American English, European Portuguese-French

The company approached the dedicated SMARTIDIOM Project Manager with a request for subtitling of a promotional video into two languages. The job involved a brief feature by a Portuguese television channel that highlighted and celebrated the company’s successful internationalisation.


Case Study No. 2

Client: ESEnfC
Industry: Life Sciences
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision, monolingual review
Languages: European Portuguese-British English

ESEnfC contacted SMARTIDIOM to request the translation of approximately 152,000 words, from European Portuguese to British English, for tender purposes. ESEnfC decided to entrust the translation of its documents to SMARTIDIOM, justifying its choice with the trust deposited in the team and the company’s work methods, already proven in previous work projects.


Case Study No. 3

Client: EC Innovations
Industry: Automotive Industry
SMART Solution: copywriting
Languages: British English-French

Frequently, the translation and/or revision/review of material in the automotive area is a challenge for the linguists working on these documents, not only due to the technical and specific nature of the contents, but often due to the urgent nature of the project. When one factor is coupled with the other, only the best service providers will do. That is why EC Innovations contacted SMARTIDIOM with a request for an urgent translation and revision/review of a document in the automotive field.


Case Study No. 4

Client: Blink-Eye
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
SMART Solution: copywriting
Languages: European Portuguese

One morning, the customer contacted SMARTIDIOM needing a creative slogan for an advertisement he had to deliver for publication by the end of the afternoon. He needed us to provide him with a creative phrase that would act as a slogan to promote the activity of Blink-Eye in a specialised publication in the internationalisation area.