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New trends require a personalised internationalisation plan

In this new economic era, new forces are arising in the global banking and financial sector. With the natural evolution of technology, regulations and economic conditions, the business strategies of financial institutions must be adapted to ensure their survival in a sector undergoing renovation. Actually, the true challenge lies in the need to monitor the constant market changes and the expectations of the target audience. Consumers change their consumption habits and preferences, supported by the constant updating of support structures and the options at their disposal, and the sector is attentive to these trends.

Also, when they receive your project, the SMARTIDIOM project managers make every effort to learn the main market trends and, as far as possible, your organisation’s products . This ensures an adequate distribution of the work flow and allocates the most suitable resources to the proper execution of your internalisation plan.

Global solutions for the banking and financial sector

To survive in a sector undergoing renovation, financial institutions need to reach their target audiences around the world. In order to do this, the most important thing is to ensure that your services are totally compatible with local infrastructures and the ongoing negotiation processes. The translation of documents for consumers or investors, of reports and official press releases, or even of general marketing materials is one of the most relevant steps to begin this journey.

With ever more convincing results, the SMARTIDIOM team understands the specific needs of each customer in the sector. Our professionals are selected, tested and constantly scrupulously evaluated, according to industry standards. In order to ensure maximum quality, we select linguists who are native speakers of the languages in which they work, and highly specialised in financial terminology, in the most common types of documents and in sector regulations.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Disclosure agreements

Balance and trial balance sheets

Investment funds

Audit reports

Annual financial statements

Insurance policies

Press releases

Business plans

Investment reports

Corporate governance and compliance reports

Meeting minutes

Income statements

Fund prospectus

Tax reports

Business reports and annual and quarterly reports


Team of linguists specialised in the subject area of your project

We ensure your style of communication and your terminological preferences

Total security and confidentiality of your documents

Some of our prestige customers include:

Financial consultants
Auditing firms
Private investment companies
Financial institutions

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with EC Innovations in the banking and financial.

Client: EC Innovations

Industry: Banking and Finance

SMART Solution: bilingual revision, monolingual review

Languages: American English-European Portuguese

One of the projects presented to SMARTIDIOM by EC Innovations consisted of a revision/review of a project from English to Portuguese in the financial area. The project was quite extensive, involving hundreds of thousands of words, and was divided into various groups, each one subject to different due dates, with a final deadline for the completion of the work. The demands were clear: the person doing the revision/review had to be native, residing in Portugal, with studies in the financial area and experienced in translations in this field.

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