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The automotive industry has suffered various setbacks following changes in the economy and, consequently, the purchasing power of the population. In 2015, sales of passenger cars in the United States of America reached a historic high of approximately 17.5 million vehicles. While Europe also recorded an increase in the number of sales, the greatest investments should be made in the emerging markets. In 2025, it is expected that 3.5 million vehicles will be sold in Brazil, around 800,000 in Southern Africa, and around 40 million in China and India.

In this industry, customers need to be contacted in their mother tongue, yet it is not enough just to know how to write in a language. Today’s consumers feel a growing need to know about the products they seek and, even when the market already provides products that are more durable, reliable and safer, the satisfaction level faces increasing consumer demands.

Dedicated project managers and localisation engineers who are specialists in the automotive sector

Given this reality, the multinationals of the sector need to optimise their integration, not only in the markets where they operate, but also in the markets they want to reach. The difficulties that are intrinsic to this expansion are varied, such as the financial conditions of a price war or the pressure of having to meet the expectations of the target audience. This is where SMARTIDIOM can help, studying and implementing the best localisation strategy so that your brand reaches as far as possible.

Our solutions include specialised services thanks to the experience of our teams and the professionalism with which they advise and carry out the most suitable solutions for your project. Our project managers dedicate themselves to learning all the details of your products and the market trends you want to achieve. Thus, you will have the best human and technological resources to carry out your internalisation plan according to your preferences and industry standards in today’s world. SMARTIDIOM’s proven experience ensures you a final result that will exceed your expectations, in terms of quality, budget and fast delivery.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Market analyses

Advertising campaigns

Quality surveys

Electrical engineering manuals

Tax forecasting reports

Tax profitability analyses

Automobile catalogues

Automobile manuals

Maintenance manuals

Tax reports

Automotive marketing brochures

Technical documents

Diagnostics manuals

User manuals

Corporate websites


Localisation strategy aimed at cost efficiency for the customer
 Adaptation to the tone of voice of your brand in order to ensure total consumer satisfaction in the after-sales period
 Ever-increasing profits for the customer with greater return on investment
Some of our prestige customers include:

Rental or sales companies
Automotive manufacturers
Electronic components manufacturers
Non-motorised vehicles manufacturers
Specialists in automobile repair

Case Studies

 Learn about our successful partnership with EC Innovations in the automotive sector.
Client: EC Innovations
Industry: Automotive Industry
SMART Solution: translation, bilingual revision
Languages: British English-French
Frequently, the translation and/or revision/review of material in the automotive area is a challenge for the linguists working on these documents, not only due to the technical and specific nature of the contents, but often due to the urgent nature of the project. When one factor is coupled with the other, only the best service providers will do. That is why EC Innovations contacted SMARTIDIOM with a request for an urgent translation and bilingual revision of a document in the automotive field.

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